Poems 2019: a book

in colour —
one tree hugs a streetlight
in blackness —
the moon hangs alone
playing with shadows

I started writing haiku and other poems seriously (and slightly obsessively) at the start of 2019 and have now collected the best together into a book. It was primarily a personal project, but I’m happy to share the results. It’s mostly nature-based, as is usual for me, although there’s some metaphysical weirdness and ramblings from within the fun world of dreams and insomnia.

• You can buy a paperback.

(The price is set to not make any profit, but Blurb will sting you for about £8 postage on top of the listed price!)

• Or read it online.

• Or download various file types on Open Library or Internet Archive

(The PDF and ePub are the fixed format matching my paperback design – the Kindle and others are made by Internet Archive and might not be great conversions.)