A new focus for this blog

After a year of intensive focus on writing poetry (leading to this self-published book), and a lack of time for ‘real’ photography (ie anything other than thousands of phone photos of our three-year-old son), I’ve decided to try to combine the two to kick start this blog again. Either trying to take a photo of, or influenced by, something I’ve written a poem about, or seeing if there’s a poem to be found in something I’ve photographed.

I usually take photos or write poems separately, so it’ll be interesting to see whether this slightly unnatural approach bears fruit, or whether the results are bit forced. ie this might just lead to yet another of those floaty, moody, wabi-sabi-esque blogs, but I guess that’s what’s in my head in my creative moments, so why not?

I’ll also probably exclusively be using iPhone photos so these can be spur-of-the-moment (and actually have a chance of happening and getting uploaded in the brief windows of opportunity!) The lack of focus and exposure controls, and severely limited image quality will be a challenge!

Right, let’s find a suitable wistful, melancholy, nostalgic photo to go with this post…